Monday, January 04, 2016

Dilwale and essence of time

Dilwale and essence of time Bollywood : Abeer Medhat
After more than 20 years when the king star Shah Rukh khan first act with Kajol, “Dilwale” get them together again after 5 years of “my name is khan”. “Dilwale” is a great mix between action and romances, having the deep essence of time, with a youth feature never get old.
The film talks about “Kali” or “Raj” who turned to be a good man, to meet his love after more than 15 years apart. To know why they split in the first place and the coincidence bring them together again, in action romantic musical story. The story that makes the duration of the film, which is more than two hours and half, enjoyable great moments. The screenplay by “Yunus Sajawal”, the dialogue by “Farhad” and “Sajid”. The story telling was a good match between the past and the present, in a great entertainment tangle.
Directed by “Rohit Shetty” which is the second time for the duet Rohit and Shah Rukh after “Chennai Express”. Despite the simple shots in the first film, Rohit’s shots in Dilwale were very perfect and deep ones. With a great use of technology and Vfx.
Although the production was splited between “Red Chillies” which owned by SRK and Rohit production, but it was so obvious the great cooperation and the generous production for the film. With high quality of picture, sound and techniques strongly compete with Hollywood films. As the Bollywood industry exceeds in the entertainment combination in films more than Hollywood ones.
“Dilwale” considered being more entertainer than others, as you will watch it over and over again without getting bored. It has a great success in Egypt as well. The producer and the king Shah Rukh Khan not only the king of the khans, holding the time essence in hand; and a youth features in face, he is the only Indian actor showing his films in Egypt. To entertain the Bollywood lovers in Egypt, who exceeds 100 thousands and more.

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